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By Charles H.Hayward

Изготовление столярных инструментов своими руками.

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Theblade should makea constant rubbing soundasit moves alongtheedgeof thesquare. lf a gap opens up between thebladeandthesquare, or if thebladebindsagainst thesquare asit moves, loosen thesetscrews onthecolumnbase. Toclosea gapbetween the bladeandthe square, tightenthetoprightscrew; to eliminatebinding, tightenthetopleftscrew. Once thearmis square to thefence,tighten thelowerscrews, alternating fromleftto right. Totestfor heeling-bladerotation thatis notparallel to thetable-buildan L-shaped sounding jig andboretwoholesin it.

The results rangefrom crownmoldingsfor a cabinet to decorativedoor and frame moldings-made at a fractionof the costof their store-boughtcounterparts. Moldingcuttersaresoldin setsof three,which areinstalledin a molding headand then fastenedonto the arbor. Themorepasses, the deeper theinscriotion. A woodworkercanmakean insertfor eachsetofcuttersby placinga blankoieceof wood in the tableinsert slotandslowlycrankingup themolding head-much like makingspecialinserts for sawblades(page22). A fewpointsto keepin mind: Do not cut moldingson shortlengthsof wood;a pieceshouldbe at least12incheslong.

Reoosition thefenceto alignthecuttingmarkon withthe theworkpiece blade, thenslidethejig alongthefenceuntilthe cut is comoleted. 47 RADIALARMSAM andott roughcrosscuts \Jners reasons rbr rhrsperceprron. /v. oicce. u-rsr€au. u-rcii-rachir-r€ i m p r e s s i o n s a s a r e s u l t o f w o r k i n g o n t h e c o l u m n a n d t h e m o t o r androtatingon itsyoke. swiveling araisedauxiliarytable, Augmentedby machines. onlll-adjusted This allows thebladeto bepulled horizontheradialarmsaw-its bladeturned thatthetable Thereisnodenying joinr.

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