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By Christopher J. Norton, David R. Braun

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This quantity brings jointly a gaggle of authors that tackle the query of the 1st out of Africa into Asia c. 2 Ma. The scope of the publication is entire because it covers nearly each significant zone of Asia. the first aim of this quantity is to supply an up-to-date synthesis of the present country of the Asian paleoanthropological and paleoenvironmental documents. Papers contain designated experiences of the theoretical constructs underlying the circulate out of Africa, together with specific reconstructions of the paleoenvironment and attainable migration routes. different papers aspect the Plio-Pleistocene archaeological and hominin fossil documents of specific regions.

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Georgicus (Gabounia et al. 2002); or suspected of being a composite sample of two populations (Schwartz 2000; Skinner et al. 2006). Were Hominin Migrations Always One-Way from Africa to Asia? Although it is widely assumed that early hominin dispersals were always out of, rather than into Africa, this need not have been the case. Two-way faunal traffic between Africa and Asia is well-documented for non-hominin taxa: in the This is the French spelling of Gabunia, as is Dmanissi for Dmanisi. 5 million years ago, and was therefore not descended from Homo habilis and its African contemporaries”.

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