Approaches in Neurosurgery: Central and Peripheral Nervous by I. Mohsenipour PDF

By I. Mohsenipour

ISBN-10: 0865775419

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Universitatsklinik fur Neurochirurgie, Innsbruck, Austria. Atlas for neurosurgeons and citizens of techniques usual within the authors' neurosurgical practices. Descriptions comprise positioning, wound closure, power error, and risks. strange colour illustrations.

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Lateral Extracranial Approach to the Orbit (Kronlein) Fig. 47 Burr opening of the lateral orbital wall (greater wing of sphenoid Pone). The periorbila is visualized 10 11 Fig. view 48 Anatomy of the orbital contents; lateral 1 Rectus lateralis bulbi muscle 2 Inferior oblique muscle of the eyeball 3 Reclus inferior bulbi muscle 4 Redus superior bulbi muscle 5 Lacrimal gland 6 Eyebal' 7 Ophthalmic artery 8 Ophthalmic vein 9 Optic nerve 10 Nasociliary nerve 11 Troch'ear nerve 12 Lacrimal nerve 13 Frontal nerve • Beware: ciliary ganglion 35 2 Approaches for Operations in the Orbital Region Dissection Inside the Orbit Closure of Soft-Tissue Layers (Fig.

The excised lateral orbital border can be anchored much more securely at its site of removal with the aid of sutures, wire sutures, or fine plates that are passed through the bone. After this, sutures are placed between the orbicular muscle of the eye and the adjacent periosteum. The last step consists of approximating the temporal muscle in the direction of the fibers and closing the fascia. Fig. 49 Dissection of muscles and nerves in the lateral orbit 1 Temporal muscle 2 Resection surfaces of fronfal process of zygomafic bone 3 Sphenoid bone (greater wing) 4 Reclus lateralis bulbi muscle 5 Lacrimal nerve 6 Superior ophthalmic vein 7 Lacr msl artery 8 Lacrirnal gland 9 Eyeball 10 Inferior oblique muscle of eyeball 11 Inferior ophthalmic vein 36 Fig.

Escaping cerebrospinal fluid has to be drained for varying periods. Fig. 68 Dissection of the Lateral Sulcus (Sylvian Fossa) (Fig. 69) Opening the cisterns causes additional cerebrospinal fluid to run out, so that the pyramid-shaped view is gradually widened more and more. Under normal circumstances, a sequence of steps is observed that is essentially determined by the location of the pathologic process, but generally 52 Arcuate incision of Ihe dura (red line) begins with the carotid and interpedtmcuJar cisterns.

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