Callum F. Ross, Richard F. Kay's Anthropoid Origins: New Visions PDF

By Callum F. Ross, Richard F. Kay

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This moment version can be an edited quantity of curiosity to those that do learn and train in regards to the evolution of primates. It goals to exhibit to primatologists, anthropologists, palaeontologists, and neuroscientists the newest stories of primate phylogeny, the anthropoid fossil list, the evolution of the primate visible method, and the starting place of the anthropoid social structures. This name features a CD-ROM and colour figures.

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Adaptive or functional explanation is one of the two foci of research in primatology today, the other being phylogeny reconstruction. , 1998). (a) Is Anthropoidea a monophyletic group, and what are its synapomorphic features? (b) To which group of fossil or extant primates is Anthropoidea most closely related? (c) How do Asian Eocene taxa (Eosimiidae and Amphipithecidae) relate to Anthropoidea? (d) How do Eocene and Oligocene anthropoids of Africa (Parapithecidae, Propliopithecidae, Oligopithecidae) relate to the Platyrrhini and Catarrhini?

Simpson, 1961, p. 221). Simpson identified "the most significant evolutionary factor in this connection" as adaptation (Simpson, 1961, p. 221). Adaptive explanations, therefore, lie at the heart of the Simpsonian endeavor to characterize and define higher Evolving Perspectives on Anthropoidea 15 taxonomic groups: the adaptive significance of the distinctive features of such a group constitutes the explanation for the divergence of that group from its predecessors and for its subsequent adaptive radiation.

Hylander and Ravosa Beginning in the mid-1970s, W. L. Rylander's studies of primate jaw function had yielded important insights into the functional significance of one of the hallmarks of extant anthropoids: the fused mandibular symphysis. , 2000) . , 2000) . , 2000; Ravosa and Rogue, Chapter 17 this volume) incorporated these results into a model of the early evolution of the masticatory apparatus in stem anthropoids, based on a phylogeny of anthropoid relationships suggested by Kay et al. , 1998).

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