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By Alan Green, The Center for Public Integrity

ISBN-10: 0786736836

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An unlimited and formerly undisclosed underground economic climate exists within the usa. the goods obtained and offered: animals. In Animal Underworld, veteran investigative journalist Alan eco-friendly exposes the sleazy, occasionally unlawful net of these who alternate in infrequent and unique creatures. eco-friendly and the heart for Public Integrity show which American zoos and leisure parks unload their "surplus" animals at the middlemen adept at secretly redirecting them into the non-public puppy exchange. We're taken to exotic-animal auctions, the place the nameless excessive bidders are frequently infamous purchasers, hunting-ranch owners, and profit-minded charlatans masquerading as conservationists. We stopover at many of the nation's so much prestigious universities and study laboratories, whose diseased monkeys are "laundered" via this similar community of breeders and buyers until eventually they ultimately achieve the houses of unsuspecting puppy proprietors. And we meet the lads and girls who make their residing via skirting via loopholes within the legislations, or by means of ignoring the legislations altogether. For someone who cares approximately animals; for puppy vendors, zoo-goers, flora and fauna conservationists, and animal welfare advocates, Animal Underworld is gripping, stunning interpreting.

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Finally, my deepest love and gratitude go to my wife Heather and our children, Tim and Sue, who long ago became accustomed to having to accommodate their lives to the demands of herpetology – live reptiles and frogs around the house, dead ones in the family freezer, excursions geared to herpetological collecting or photography and my long absences in the field or darkroom (the latter, in these days of digital photography, fortunately now but a memory). xxx Introduction This introduction explains the way in which the book is organised – its aims, scope and limitations.

Professor Arthur Georges generously gave me access to his large database on the distribution of chelid turtles. Some of the research and fieldwork from which this book is derived was supported by the Science and Industry Endowment Fund of CSIRO, the Explorers Club (New York), the British Council, the Australian Research Council (through its predecessor the Australian Research Grants Committee), the National Science Foundation through its support of the Alpha Helix program operated by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the Trustees of the Australian Museum.

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