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By J.B. Priestley

The Heinemann performs sequence deals modern drama and vintage performs in sturdy lecture room variations. during this play an inspector interrupts a celebration to enquire a girl's suicide, and implicates all the party-makers in her demise.

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Dissension, in other words, inhabits discursive practice, characterizes it, and at the same time destabilizes it. Texts take issue with other texts, but they also differ from themselves, inscribe the conflicts they take part in. It is perhaps too easily assumed that other epochs were somehow simpler than our own, or that the cultural history of former periods is appropriately represented as ultimately unified. Our world, we allow, is divided, full of debate, culturally diverse and intellectually stratified, but nostalgia still tempts us to imagine a previous culture as a consensual realm, in which the important meanings and values could be taken for granted as shared, despite distinctions of language, class or gender.

There is, I believe, a line of descent from St Augustine through Montaigne to Lacan, despite the self-evident differences between these three figures from radically different cultural and historical moments. Any essay in cultural history is subject to the inadequacy of all interpretation. My account of family values will attempt to represent, with whatever limitations, the incursion of anarchy, cruelty and death into what is legal, affectionate and life-giving, the element of suffering in felicity.

Meanwhile, however, family values are invoked politically to justify imposing financial penalties on single mothers; they allow governments to blame families for the rise in crime and increasing illiteracy, both, it might be argued, direct effects of their own economic policies. And they legitimate the withdrawal of state provision for the elderly and the infirm. Meanwhile, empirically, 22 Shakespeare and the Loss of Eden at our own historical moment, the Western family enclave, we are finally compelled to acknowledge, all too commonly conceals behind closed doors all kinds of subjugation and suffering, not to mention illtreatment of the elderly and infirm.

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