Download e-book for iPad: Among the Pond People by Clara Dillingham Pierson, F. C. Gordon

By Clara Dillingham Pierson, F. C. Gordon

ISBN-10: 1599150212

ISBN-13: 9781599150215

A pleasant quantity of nature tales for youngsters. offers the adventures of mom Eel, the Playful Muskrat, the Snappy Snapping Turtle, and the opposite Pond humans. those tales are packed with humor, but cleverly express information regarding the frogs, minnows, and different pond citizens and infrequently recommend an ethical in a fragile demeanour which no baby may possibly face up to. best for kids a while five to 7.

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And that is so, as any Frog will tell you. The Green Brown Frog sighed as she crawled out on the bank. " The Runaway Water Spiders WHEN the little Water Spiders first opened their eyes, and this was as soon as they were hatched, they found themselves in a cosy home of one room which their mother had built under the water. This room had no window and only one door. There was no floor at all. When Father Stickleback had asked Mrs. " She really thought him quite stupid not to think of that. It often happens, you know, that really clever people think each other stupid, just because they live in different ways.

No," answered the Biggest Frog's Sister. "I would rather sit on the bank and think about my spring work. " said the Green Brown Frog. " "You may be very sure I don't want to sing then," answered the older Frog. "I am too tired. " asked the Green Brown Frog. " "That," said the older Frog wisely, "is because you are young and have never laid eggs. The great time for singing is before the eggs are laid. " After she had said all this, which was a great deal for a Frog to say at once, she shut her big mouth and slid her eyelids over her eyes.

That was true, and he was particularly hard-headed. " said she, and surely there was some excuse for her if she was impatient. " "Keep quiet then, and see if you don't get hard and brown all over," said he. "I never shall," said she. " The Biggest Caddis Worm looked very much surprised. " said he. "I suppose because there wasn't anything else to think of," said she. " "I don't," said he. She started away to where her other brothers and sisters were. " cried he. "Going to build my house," answered she.

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Among the Pond People by Clara Dillingham Pierson, F. C. Gordon

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