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By Fosse, Jon; Searls, Damion

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In her outdated condominium by way of the fjord, Signe lies on a bench and sees a imaginative and prescient of herself as she used to be greater than two decades prior: status by way of the window awaiting her husband Asle, on that negative past due November day while he took his rowboat out onto the water and not lower back. Her stories widen out to incorporate their complete lifestyles jointly, and past: the bonds of relatives and the battles with implacable nature stretching again over 5 generations, to Asle's great-great-grandmother Aliss. In Jon Fosse's bright, hallucinatory prose, some of these moments in time inhabit an identical house, and the ghosts of the earlier collide with those that nonetheless live to tell the tale. "Aliss on the fireplace" is a visionary masterpiece, a haunting exploration of affection and loss that ranks one of the maximum meditations on marriage and human destiny

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And then Kristoffer stands there and looks at the eye. And Aliss turns around and walks over to Kristoffer waving the burned sheep head on the stick and she says do you really want to sit there and look at those woolly bloody sheep heads, you’re not the one who has to, Aliss says, and she goes over to a trough and she uses the edge of the trough to pull the sheep head off the stick and then Aliss goes over to the pile of sheep heads and she drives the point of the stick into the neck opening of the sheep head that Kristoffer just pulled down the eyelid of and she pushes in the stick and then she picks up the sheep head and goes back over to the fire and puts the sheep head into the flame and the sharp smell spreads out and Aliss says no that doesn’t smell very good my good little boy, she says, and she puts the sheep head with the burning wool into the water down off the side of the pier and then it sizzles and Kristoffer is startled and he looks scared and he looks at the sheep heads lying there in front of him and he sees that they’re lying there quietly like before and he puts his finger into an open mouth and then quickly touches a tongue, then he grabs the teeth No leave the sheep head alone now, Aliss says They’re not for poking and playing with, she says Be a good boy, she says and Kristoffer pulls back his hand and he looks at Aliss and then Kristoffer sees the pretty brown almost black boat lying there, in the middle of all that blue, and then he takes a step, and another, out on the pier, and then he goes farther and he looks at the boat, black and pretty in the blue water, and Kristoffer is almost running out on the pier and then he is at the edge of the pier and he takes another step and he is there in empty space and then he is there in the water Kristoffer, God save you!

It’s Aliss. She was my great-grandfather’s mother, Kristoffer’s mother, Kristoffer whose sons were Grandpa Olaf and Asle, the one I was named after, the one who drowned when he was only seven, who got a nice little boat for his seventh birthday and drowned on the same day, playing with the boat, down on the bay, he thinks and he sees Kristoffer toddle forward, and it happens so slowly, he puts one foot in front of the other, stands there for a minute, then he takes the next step, forward, swaying back and forth a little, but forward, and then Kristoffer is standing in front of a pile of sheep heads and he feels the mouth of one of the sheep heads with his finger and then he slowly sticks his finger into a nostril and then quickly pulls his hand back again and then he stands there and looks at the sheep head, he looks into one eye, and then puts his finger right on the eye, feels it and then jerks back his finger very fast and again Kristoffer stands there and looks into the eye and again he puts his finger right on the eye and he presses his finger against the eyelid and then he pulls it down over the eye.

She thinks and she sees Aliss sit up on the edge of the bench and she pulls up her smock and then Aliss takes Kristoffer and lays him on her breast and he opens his mouth again and again and then he finds her nipple and then he sucks and sucks and she sees Aliss stroke his black hair and then she sees herself go over to the window and then she sees herself stop there in front of the window and look out and she thinks, lying there on the bench, why didn’t he come back? what happened to him? why did he disappear, just stay gone, she thinks, he was always here, and then he just disappeared, and his boat, she thinks, was found floating in the middle of the fjord, empty, one dark fall evening, in late November, years and years ago, twenty-three years it’s been now, she thinks, 1979, a Tuesday, that’s what happened, he never came back, and she thought that he was just staying out on the fjord a long time, she thinks, that he’d still come back, but the hours went by, hour after hour, no she can’t bear to think about it, it’s still so painful, she thinks, no she doesn’t want to think about it, she thinks, because he’s really just gone, he’s never coming back, she went out to look for him, stood there on the pier, in the darkness, the rain, the wind, just stood there, and waited, now he’d have to come back soon?

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