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N::hed on leave~ of herbs J 0- 20 cm abO\"e the ground. u'l1(1 .. pecics are .. ome of the loudest frog~ in Borneo. They ha\'e an extremel~ inten .. ~'. high-pitched. metallic Irill. arge number.. of breeding male~ along ~treams ('an (\ro\\ 11 out e\'en SOTlle of the night insects of the fore<;\. Tadpoles of D\\arf Liller frogs li\e in crevices between gr~l\el and ~rnall roch on the bed of riffles. ~haring Ihi<; en\"ironmem with tadpok~ of tlw Sknder Liner I-'rog~. : ,ea k\cl. with 1\\"0 species.

I.... I"e othe,", 111 Iht' genu~. Ihi, ,pecie' lilt', in hill~ fore\[ ... where dear. :! ·oonomcd <,tre:lIlI, (,\j,L It, kno\\n cll'"l1Inna[ range h 15010 750 meln:, "hml' ,ea kId. Di<;lrihlltion : A[! ']"n rarl III Sar;l\la". : .. \\ ilh lillie tlr no \1 ('ht>lng. The ,ide, hale il ft'\\ 'Illall, rounded gland ..... Lq/lobrfllhd/(/ \(·/"(/\{IIIl1I' 1\ IhL' nn l:;. ' 10 the gmin. tlt: ... 17· Ilj mill. rL'malt:,: 20 mill. ulpo le l nkm1\\ n. Habih find hahitat · AUld" halt' been founu on the b'IIl'" 0/ ..

Ib dWJIleter u\uall~ longer than the ~nOlll. Th~' eardmm i, \ i,ible. md the hllld limb i, \er) Jong. '- 3nd thl" t()L'~ an: all11l),1 \\ itholll \\ebbing. EPTOLALAX The ~\"in ()f lhl: had, and .. ilk .. i.. u.. led or elongate lump~ and ridg ... ~. Th ... bell~ i~ ~mlloth. The colour i~ gre~ 10 dar" hrown. lern of black ~pot" on the back and sides. \1;\lc .. · ~6- _1LJ fllm. Fermllcs: ~ 1-----l8 111111. Tadpule : T:ldpole~ are long and "lender and h,l\e a hea\'ily Jl1Ll~c1cd tail \1 ith \'ery 10\1 fins.

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