Download e-book for iPad: A dybbuk and other tales of the supernatural by Kushner, Tony; An-Ski, S.; Neugroschel, Joachim

By Kushner, Tony; An-Ski, S.; Neugroschel, Joachim

ISBN-10: 1559361379

ISBN-13: 9781559361378

ISBN-10: 1559361468

ISBN-13: 9781559361460

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A thousand rubles?! ” the storekeeper replied. The Holy Baal-Shem straightened up, turned to the others, and said: “Do you hear, you Jews? For Prince Saguszko a thousand rubles is nothing—much less three hundred rubles. That’s a pittance for him. But for Jews every penny is drenched in bitter sweat . . ” And no sooner had the Holy Baal-Shem spoken those words than the gold rubles in the vestibule of the palace shrank and darkened, while the tiny Jewish coins began shining like w 175 The Dybbuk Melody glistening stars.

And that penny was followed by all the other Jewish alms. And in the deserted vestibule of the palace, Satan was left humbled and humiliated. Repentance The Jews spent the entire night of Yom Kippur in the synagogue, reciting psalms and not getting a wink of sleep. And all through the night the Jewish Repentance flew up to Heaven and into the vestibule of the palace. There was sighing and moaning, weeping and lamenting, regret and remorse. Confessions flew up from broken hearts, groans from defeated minds, sins and wrongs torn from souls and purged by grief and agony.

W 162 God on Trial Early the next morning, when Feyvel reached the Jewish court, All four rabbis donned their prayer shawls, And the court was called to order. ” cried the Rabbi of Apt. ” Feyvel, though, was pale, confused, Stammering and trembling. “No, you rabbis, no, I can’t . . “I’ve lost all my courage now . . “I don’t feel the inspiration “That I felt just yesterday . ” The presiding judge replied In a stern, imperious voice: “I will give you strength and power, “Insight, yes, and inspiration!

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A dybbuk and other tales of the supernatural by Kushner, Tony; An-Ski, S.; Neugroschel, Joachim

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