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By Hohag L.

Eight работ рождественской тематики, выполненных в технике пэчворк
The Critters are again in a fun-packed e-book with initiatives together with quilts, stockings, reward luggage, and extra. forty four pages, eight colour pages.

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Separata, only a strongly stained cytoplasmic zone was observed. When the merozoites of E. bovis were treated with protargol, a strongly stained solid cap was present on the anterior end. It formed a sort of ring in the center of which is a pore. , 1965). It is possible that these structures, visible with light microscopy, correspond to the conoid and paired organelles which appear distinctly in electron microscope investigations. An analogous structure is also present in merozoites of E. debliecki (Vetterling, 1966).

These species were earlier combined into one subgenus, Globidium Flesch, 1883, only because they have huge schizonts which were given the name globidial schizonts. The dimensions of such schizonts reach 300 by 170 microns in E. leuckarti, 280 by 150 microns in E. 5 mm in E. gilruthi, 100 by 84 microns in E. 4 m m in E. bovis, and 78-250 by 70-150 microns in E. auburnensis. They resemble a cyst within a solid shell. Large numbers of merozoites form inside such schizonts. According to H a m m o n d et al.

Within 92 to 96 hours after infection, larger second-generation schizonts appear. They are 14 to 36 microns and form as many as 40 merozoites. At the 120th hour, even larger third-generation schizonts (25 to 40 microns) are present; these have 40 to 89 merozoites. In E. intestinalis the first-generation schizonts mature on the 4th to 6th day after infection; the schizonts are 15 to 25 microns and contain 20 to 60 merozoites. Beginning on the 5th day, the second-generation forms 90 to 120 merozoites.

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A Critter Christmas by Hohag L.

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