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Do you like Dinosaurs? those 50 fast Dinosaur proof are idela for more youthful readers, or humans eager to recognize extra approximately Dinosaurs!

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It is generally thought that the fiercest dinosaur is ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’! The largest Dinosaur bone in the world comes from an Argentinosaurus whose back bone was 5 feet high, by 4 feet wide. The Dinosaur with the longest neck was Mamenchisaurus, which was 33 feet long. The biggest meat eater was Giganotosaurus, its skull was six feet long. The most Dinosaur eggs found in a preserved nest was 24. It is thought that some Dinosaurs could climb trees, and some could swim, but they could not fly! The Dinosaurs with the shortest names are Mei and Kol, both which are feathered Dinosaurs from China.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was believed to weigh around 7 tonnes!

Another huge Dinosaur was the Brachiosaurus at 80 tonnes! One of the smallest dinosaurs was the ‘Anchiornis’ which had an estimated weight of 110grams. Like current animals there are both meat eating and plant eating animals known as Carnivores, and Herbivores respectively. Early finds of Dinosaur bones where original thought to be Dragon bones by the Chinese back during the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316). The study of Dinosaurs is called - Palaeontology, and is studied by - palaeontologists. Some Dinosaurs walked on two legs (bipeds), and some on four (quadrupeds).

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